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Humboldt County Farm Bureau Celebrates 100 Years
( Photo © 2006-2013 Carrie Branovan)

Welcome to the Humboldt Farm Bureau

The Humboldt Farm Bureau is Humboldt County's largest general agricultural organization, representing dairy, timber, cattle, produce, oysters, wineries, and the floral industry. We are a grass roots organization dedicated to promoting and preserving agriculture in Humboldt County.  As a member of the California Farm Bureau Federation our members are provided with a network of support both on and off the farm.  From delivering breaking legislative and local news to educational tools and helpful discounts.

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Humboldt County, CaliforniaWhere are we?

Humboldt County is a picturesque rural community with a deep water seaport about 200 miles north of San Francisco and 100 miles south of the Oregon border. Its pleasant climate, rolling fields, and abundant waterways make it the perfect place for a wide variety of industries, including forestry, dairy, floral, and aquaculture.

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President's Message

A few mornings ago we sat in the dark waiting for the tide to ebb and the sun to rise. We sat watching the Dungeness crab larvae in the water. They were so thick that under our headlamps the water and tide flats were bright orange. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen them in numbers like this but I stood there and thought about what this means. To us tideland farmers along with, daylight tides, salmon season and the start of good oyster growth it has a larger meaning, spring is here. As with all you landlubbers, I realized that there isn’t enough time in the day to get done what needs to be done before night tides start again in the fall....

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